The Global Studies Program, run out of the Political Science Program, consists of an interdisciplinary and wide-ranging faculty with diverse course offerings. We began as a Minor, and launched the Major in the Spring of 2016. Though students may take a range of electives, all majors and minors are introduced to the field in GLST 200. After completing the study abroad requirement and the other elements of the program, students engage in the capstone course with a culminating and integrating experience, bringing to bear their immersion in a foreign culture and study of global issues to participate as global citizens. We as a program are focused on the following goals:

  • To promote the university’s mission by graduating students with interdisciplinary, international, and multicultural perspectives.
  • To identify and describe the modern world and issues facing societies from multiple perspectives including those within and across disciplines, cultures and nations (when appropriate);
  • To create opportunities for students to integrate content, ideas, and approaches from national and international perspectives.
  • To provide students with opportunities to gain a deep understanding of a foreign country, by incorporating study abroad and second-language requirements into the program.
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