CSU Channel Islands offers several Global Studies programs for undergraduates.

We offer: 


BA in Global Studies

By studying Global Studies at CSUCI, you’ll integrate global coursework with international experience to develop your knowledge of the world and the major contemporary issues confronting humanity. Students immerse themselves in foreign cultures with study abroad and knowledge of a foreign language; learn the various implications of globalization; examine the issues facing modern-world societies across multiple perspectives, disciplines, cultures and nations; and participate as global citizens and leaders.


Minor in Global Studies

By pairing Global Studies with a major in a different field, students will better prepare themselves for the 21st century workplace. You'll still study abroad and learn a foreign language. With both the coursework and these global experiences, you will develop the highly sought skill of intercultural competence. Combined with your major in another field, you will be well-equipped for work as a biologist in California or an accountant in Morocco.

Other programs

Peace Corps Prep

Become part of a community of like-minded students interested in international service and the betterment of all peoples by joining CSUCI’s Peace Corps Prep program. You will also earn a Peace Corps Prep certificate from the United States Peace Corps. Even if you don’t apply to the Peace Corps, this experience will prepare you for global, national, and even local careers in service, education, business, health, and intercultural relations.

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