The CI Model United Nations experience, started in 2008, is a signature program of the Political Science and Global Studies programs and a premier learning experience for students across all majors. Model UN events are academic conferences for students for which participants engage in research and then discussion about the global community’s most pressing problems. The conferences provide students with a unique opportunity to develop an understanding of the complexity of specific issue-areas in global politics.

Benefits for students include skill development in research, conflict analysis, thinking from different perspectives, negotiation, and public speaking. Students are also able to interact with a diverse range of students from around the United States and the world. Participants also develop significant leadership and mentoring skills. These are all qualities that benefit any major, as well as more specifically related Global Studies, Political Science, and Communications majors. The CI Model United Nations team is interdisciplinary, and advisors Dr. Andrea Grove and Dr. Chris Scholl encourage all majors to apply. Participating students are enrolled in POLS 427, a 3-unit course.

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